VintaSoftTwain ActiveX

VintaSoftTwain ActiveX 6.0

Control a scanner or camera across networks regardless of brand


  • Acquires data irrespective of brand of camera or scanner
  • Works with all TWAIN devices


  • Based on virus prone Active X

Not bad

Normally I'm not a big fan of anything based on ActiveX because it's so prone to bugs and viruses. VintaSoftTwain Active X is however a useful app for anyone trying to connect a scanner across networks who doesn't have any specific software to do so.

VintaSoftTwain Active X offers the ability to work with a scanner, camera and pretty much any TWAIN supporting device. Not only that, but it even adds in a few bonuses too such as an automatic document feeder, image cleaner, auto border crop, blank page detection and even allows you to upload images onto Web or FTP server. It's extremely simple to use - once installed it will auto detect when a TWAIN device is attached and then ask you whether you want to acquire the data on it. As with any other standard scanner software, the trimming, selection and border cropping features are basic but effective and simple to use.

There are various scenarios in which VintaSoftTwain Active X could be useful. For network managers, it could be a useful way to allow anyone on the network to access scanners or cameras connected to it. Or, for someone that needs some kind of TWAIN interface that will make it more or less device independent and pull in pictures from any type of camera irrespective of the brand/model.

If you're not worried about getting some nasty Active X bug or virus, then VintaSoftTwain ActiveX provides a simple and effective way to manage a wide range of TWAIN devices.

VintaSoftTwain ActiveX


VintaSoftTwain ActiveX 6.0

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